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Sophie took her first Bikram yoga class over 20 years ago and immediately knew it was for her. As a student, she trained in Musical Theatre and is now working as a performer. This original hot yoga style was an excellent way to keep her body strong and flexible.

“Wherever I’m working in the country or the world, there’s always a Bikram studio nearby to drop in and practice that magical sequence. Back in the day, I was also a keen runner of marathons and yoga was like therapy for preventing and recovering from stress inflicted on the body by pavement running,”.

In 2014, Sophie decided to take this passion to the next level and attended official Bikram certification teacher training in Thailand. After achieving certification, she was offered a teaching post at Namaha Yoga in India. It was an amazing experience for her where she could dive into the deep end.

Along with being an instructor, Sophie is a dedicated student who attends classes regularly. “I feel that practicing daily definitely makes a difference to my teaching. When you connect to your body, really feeling the postures, listening to each instructor as if you’ve never practiced before, you can have a totally new experience every time. That’s the beauty and the brilliance of this method. There’s nothing like it!”

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