Saura Lightfoot Leon

Inferno Pilates

Know More about Lightfoot Leon

Saura grew up in the rehearsal rooms of Netherlands Dance Theatre and has been learning dance sequences ever since. Being surrounded by artists and passion from a young age, she was shaped by the world of movement. She crossed paths with Bikram Yoga when she was 13 and since then found herself in every hot room she could find, wherever she was in the world.

Graduating as an actress from RADA in 2020, she has also worked on TV shows for Apple TV and the BBC. As a performer and lover of both the stage and film, she has always kept a rigorous practice of Yoga, Fitness and Dance. Staying in shape and strong – mentally and physically- has been extremely important for her lifestyle. With Hot Pilates, she finally feels like she has found a class that caters to what she was looking for: Strength, Stamina, Music and Discipline.

She now teaches Inferno Hot Pilates to her growing Yorebels fan base always with dedication and love. Her classes are for all in search of an all-around effective mind-body workout. Full of spicy tunes and strengthening sequences, get ready to glow from inside out!

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