Rachel Samuel

Inferno Pilates, Yoga Sculpt

Know More about Samuel

Born and raised in London, Rachel is one of our most energetic and fun Inferno Pilates teachers. She also completed a Yoga Sculpt training course in early 2023 and now teaches both HIIT styles with passion and a big smile. Rachel had been an avid practioner of Bikram Yoga since 2014, when she completed her degree in Interior Design at the University of Arts London. She loved the heat and how calm and focused it made her feel, aside from getting flexible and strong.

Inferno Pilates hit the British shores in 2017, she gave it a go and was instantly hooked. The classes had an energy unlike any other exercise class she had taken part in, and the best part was that she felt stronger with every class.

After some encouragement from one of her teachers, Rachel decided to take part in the Inferno Pilates teacher training in January 2022. She aims to make her classes fun because if people enjoy the exercise they come back. Although the classes can be challenging, Rachel love seeing smiles on people’s faces once they’re finished.

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