Michael Logie

Inferno Pilates

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Born and raised in London, Michael has always been athletic, competing in track and field events and participating in football whilst at school. He also has a background in martial arts from early childhood. Michael eventually discovered the famous ‘hot room’, developing a yoga practise which he found  complimentary to his various sports and which greatly helped improve his range of motion – hugely beneficial to any athlete!

He started practising Inferno Pilates in 2017 and found himself gaining strength and core stability very quickly due to the intensity of the classes. The sessions were always enjoyable being set to inspiring music generating an incredible group energy. In early 2022, Michael finally took the plunge and joined the Inferno Pilates Teacher Training co-led by BYL in London’s Canary Wharf. Michael feels that this has definitely been one of the best decisions he’s ever made!

In his spare time, Michael is a keen cook, having studied Culinary Arts at Westminster Kingsway. He also has a deep passion for music across a variety of genres. Music can be a powerfully uplifting force that runs through all his classes at Yorebels!

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