Kristal Radjpaul

RebelFlow, Yin, Yin with Meditation

Know More about Radjpaul

Growing up Kristal was sensitive to emotions and developed depression and anxiety. She found solace in art, poetry (some of which have been published), and dance. After beginning a dance choreography degree she injured her knee, stopped dancing, and began a career in the drinks industry. Her health declined, her depression became worse; she put on weight and could sink her fair share of pints. Eventually, she turned to yoga — first for weight loss but then started to delve deeper acknowledging the tremendous inner transformation power of yoga practice.

Experince of Kristal Radjpaul

Yoga and meditation offered stillness to reflect on habits and emotional instability. As a form of self-therapy, questions were answered, and an image of health and happiness emerged, which led Kristal quite naturally on the path of becoming a yoga teacher. As a yogini who truly embodies Yorebel philosophy, Kristal leads a powerful, passionate, and hauntingly beautiful class. You just have to experience it!

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