Federica Guerreri

Yin, Yin with Meditation, RebelFlow, Hot Power Flow

Know More about Guerreri

Federica has been practising Yoga and meditation since 2012, experiencing a range of ups and downs. In 2018 she flew one day to India – New Delhi exactly. Federica’s boyfriend brought her to the Lodhi Garden at 6 o’clock in the morning for a Yoga session to greet the Sun.

Federica completely felt in love with that flow and the beautiful vibes around her. That day changed her life. She came to London and  started practising every day and saw that to teach was her calling. During the lockdowns of 2020/21, Federica spent most days working on her poses and breathwork, finally attending and graduating from a 200HR Hatha teacher training course in October 2021, and soon after that, adding a Yin Yoga qualification.

We invite you to come join Federica’s RebelFlow classes, where she uses instrumental music to help you live, breathe and connect to the flow. The breath is your music!

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