Divya Malhotra

Bikram Yoga

While all teachers bring a special inner power and love of their craft, every once in a while we’ll encounter one who has the capacity to delve deep within us to show us what we are truly capable of. That connection often comes through the teacher’s own life journey.

Divya joins Yorebels from Mumbai, India, where she has taught Bikram yoga since 2012. Originally from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh where she grew up and went to university to study sound engineering, she spent most of her adult life in Mumbai where she raised her daughter as a single mother, a real achievement.

Before she fell in love with Bikram yoga, her life revolved around music and cooking. Divya teaches “old-style” high-energy Bikram yoga with a challenging but also nurturing approach, full of TLC and connection to the spirituality of the practice. She has a unique ability to connect with her students and motivate them to achieve new breakthroughs while ensuring that no one is left behind. Try her amazing class at BYL’s London studios, or live and on-demand at Yorebels!

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