Callista Nurse


From the tender age of 3, Callista was completely captivated by music – listening to, playing, dreaming of it. One could say it was an obsession! This inspired her to train as a classical pianist spending 5 years at Scotland’s premier music conservatoire. Whilst this musical pursuit quenched her creative soul, years of mental health issues coupled with perfectionism left her burnt out, disembodied and engaging in unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

Her journey back to reclaiming a sense of wholeness began in 2009. A friend dragged her along to a hot yoga class, which served as a catalyst for a newfound respect for her body and mind and, more importantly, what it means to be truly present and awake. 

In 2014, Callista completed her foundation teacher training with The Yoga People, and since finding her footing as a teacher, she searched for an avenue that would not only satisfy her interest in neuroscience, but also one where she could use her own experiences with mental health issues for the greater good. This led her to embark on the 550-hour Professional Yoga Therapy course with The Minded Institute in 2015.

Callista also holds certificates in Mandala Vinyasa, Tripsichore, Yogic Arts, Yin, and Functional Range Conditioning, and is currently training in TRE (Trauma and Tension Release Exercises) – all of which inform her unique approach to guiding and weaving the practice of embodying Yoga. The heart of Callista’s work lies in locating the pulse of presence so as to fully awaken and courageously show up for life in all of its facets. The mental and spiritual imprints that hold us back from untethered freedom continue to manifest through unconscious conditioned movement/behavioural patterns, influenced by nervous system activity. For this reason, her teachings focus on making the unconscious conscious by encouraging each and every person to befriend their unique nervous system and welcome themselves home to the territory of their body & mind.

Classes with Callista are supportive yet progressive combining creative fluid movement, colouring outside the lines of the confines of traditional yoga poses, playful sequencing, a touch of humour and some of the best playlists in London! She invites students to feel into the poses rather than create one-size-fits-all shapes. Choice plays a massive part of her offering – choice through variations of poses, choice in whether or not to be physically assisted and choice in how to participate in the practice – which gives students the opportunity to truly empower themselves and strengthen their trust in their innate wisdom within self-inquiry.

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