Alla Malina

Yin, Yin with Meditation

Know More about Malina

Alla is a New York native and began her yoga journey in a small hot-yoga studio in Brooklyn. With an intense fascination and years of discipline, Alla’s personal practice blossomed and eventually developed into a deeper exploration of Yoga. “It is through our personal practice that we grow the most; through the small moments where things begin to make sense,” she says while encouraging the freedom to explore.

Her Yorebels Vinyasa classes are smooth, sweaty, and keep a grounded flow of energy throughout. During Yin, she dives deep into sensation and encourages the exploration of stillness and movement alike. You will often hear ‘no rules’ in her liberated practice where breathing loud is allowed and synergy is created amongst the yogis. Her guided meditations create strong foundations for students to explore within and sculpt their own experiences.

Expect a lot of breathwork, moments of intuitive movement, and rhythmic tunes. Students from all levels are welcome, with options and adjustments to suit.

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